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One-off Cleaning

Sometimes, we need a little extra help around the house.

Trying to juggle family life, work, downtime, and making time for friends and family can easily lead to you having little to no time to clean the house. We provide an affordable and reliable solution.

With one-off cleaning from Cleaning Queen Ltd, you will be visited by one of our friendly and hard-working professional cleaners to give your home a good clean – scratching that job off of your to-do list.

Regular cleaning

Regular cleaning is the absolute best way of keeping your home looking its best at all times, without sacrificing time out of your week.
Do you find yourself having little time to clean? If your answer is ‘yes’, then booking a regular cleaner to visit and clean your home for you, could be perfect for you.
Should you decide to have your home regularly cleaned by one of our cleaners, you have control of how often we visit – weekly, fortnightly or monthly!
Our customers love the fact that they receive the same cleaner every time. This makes it easy for you to form a trusting and friendly relationship with your cleaner and you’ll find yourself looking forward to their scheduled visit every time.


The answer to keeping your home in tip-top condition is here – we also provide housekeeping services!

You may have dreamt of having your own housekeeper to keep your home in order, so you don’t have to. After all, there are not enough hours in the day to tidy and organize the house on top of everything else you’re doing…we hear you. Which is why we provide a bespoke housekeeping service.

A Cleaning Queen housekeeper will have your home tidied and organized in no time and we can do this for you as a one-off or on a regular basis, you decide. They will also change your bed, put your washing on and hang it out.

Deep cleaning

Our homes all have one thing in common: every now and again, a deep clean could do them (and you) the world of good. When was the last time you deep cleaned your home?

A complete Cleaning Queen deep clean means that every part of your house—from top to bottom—is cleaned. With this type of cleaning, every room, every corner, every appliance, every piece of furniture, absolutely everywhere is taken into consideration and cleaned appropriately.

Spring cleaning

Spring is a great time to clean your home. This is known as spring cleaning.
Similar to deep cleaning, spring cleaning means it’s time for a thorough clean of your home. It’s a tradition that has been around for so long and it’s used as a way of preparing your home for the year ahead.
Though it may be a tradition, you don’t have to undertake this task yourself. As experts in domestic household cleaning, we know what makes a spring clean worthwhile.

End of tenancy cleans

Nowadays, having an end-of-tenancy clean is no longer seen as a luxury, but a necessity. Landlords and tenants can benefit from this service.

You may be a tenant who wishes to get back their full deposit by leaving the property clean, and landlords can use this service to clean up their property, ready for the next tenant. We know how to leave a property spotless and shining with the ability to work to your deadlines.

Office cleaning

An office is like a home – it can become dirty, messy and a breeding ground for bacteria if left without a clean. Not only does mess and clutter make getting down to work much harder, but it also creates an unsatisfactory environment for workers.

It’s been proven that a clean and tidy office leads to higher worker satisfaction and boosts morale. If you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time cleaner, we can help.

To easily book an end-of-tenancy or office clean, fill in the contact form below to get started.